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Shelf Making Adventure February 19, 2007

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A man so composed

Yet too shy to be exposed

Working hard on his shelf

Getting its style in place

As he works, a smile on his face

Patience, he knows that he needs

Will get his shelf done indeed.


You’re my Love February 8, 2007

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I think of you as my Love.
Being around You make me happy.
Looking at You as my dove.
The staring eyes give affection
You’re so young and innocent
I would do anything to assure your security
Only if You understand
Is my love to you not enough?
Your staring eyes see my smile
But do you know how much you are to my heart?
Compassion and Affection is the key
You taught me to be
A Better Sisty (sister)


Well Rounded

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Any person of all figure
Either rounded, flatted, or angular
Could be more well-rounded.
Rounded as in open-minded,
Knowledgeable of one’s world.
Education is the key to such
It shouldn’t take man much
If all man desire for well-rounded minds
Then man needs to collaborate and fine
A better world full of open minds


Welcome Pathway

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My heart valves open their gate doors.
Pumping the red eternal river.
Two veins pump red liquid in
Two arteries pump out.
These twins elastic tubes never meet.
Though when they do…
It’s a sign of internal combustion.
Oh, the palpitate heart!
What or who makes it acts so?



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What is virtue to thee?
Can it be produced or embedded in me?
One may argued that virtue is implemented
Person Reverend said-virtue can be found in
everyone, only if one defines it, can one be
at peace in a consecrated pond.
Look in a pond-what do you see?
A life full of virtuous amoeba
If they are virtuous, than why can’t we?
We, with a supergo or morely with ego?
Most let their ego guides them, other with
supergo guidance
Hear-the supergo consciously emerges the
Virtue from thee.
The cry for self-control only the VIRTUOUS
one can afford.


Unknown Self

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I am Emily Dickinson
No one truly understand me as a person.
Many times I cried because of conflicts.
But the shed of tears made me stronger.
How can I reach out?
Without giving a shout!
Emily and I are similar, is a fact.
Similarity is what she and I have.
But defiance is what I save.


A Self-Discipline

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To discipline my world
I discipline myself foremost.
Repetition of virtueous words
In my mind gives forth my actions.
Brighten up my surroundings through self-discipline
I now conquer myself through one battle.
One other battle I face is to gain worldly
My goal set forward for accomplishments.