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Competition with my Guardian February 2, 2007

Filed under: Poem — virtuesis @ 9:33 pm

My guardian above had a challenge
Said she–see if I can have a balance
A balance act as to be
Modest, reserved, loving are the key.
I took her challenge and compete
Thinking that I cannot let her defeat.
As a being I can be upright
Who said that a girl cannot fight?


One Response to “Competition with my Guardian”

  1. spunky Says:

    LOL. Of course I can moderate. It means that any person can be a good natured person with discipline. In this poem, a girl has a challenge from her imagination in this case her guardian angel who she is competing with. She has to show her grace, dignity, and moral. An angel for certain is the Father’s child therefore all goodness is easily attain; however, a person has many imperfections, which can be as good through discipline. It is not yet challenged as much within each person. So this girl has taken up the challenge of being a dignified person. Who is there to judge?

    🙂 Did that clarify things?


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