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A Hidden Light May 23, 2007

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A light has not learn to open up for more brightness.

It is dim to the point where the sun’s ray bring out its best.

Who can ever guess what’s going on under the lamp shade.

The light is not for competition with other lights.

It is shimmering with the moon.

Hidden away from the lamp shade as the moon under the cloud.

Every night this light dims and dreaming so proud.

A hidden light with its secret dreams.

Full of imagination and none hellish screams.

So real yet not a reality are the dreams.

It’s just the light’s way bringing its brightness out.

A light full of energy when resources oil are high.

Therefore, someone will sympathize.


A Blossom of Choice

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There was once a flower that blooms so openly.

So sophisticated and full of complexity.

No bee has figured the blossom out fully.

It blooms not for all bees, only one that sees.

The blossom apprehensively tried to open up its petals.

For one unique bee to enter and decide over its previous metals.

Yet a choice has to be made in the quick wind.

Either the wind will blow the blossom to some pieces

Or a bee will pollinate the golden seeds in other places.

So hard is it for a blossom to decide

A bee with great ability spies.

A gust of wind blew by and snap the blossom closed.

Until the next year of spring will this blossom sprout.

Another bee has to wait and see how this bloom will come out.

So silence is its bloom and therefore being less doom.

An unusual flower so patience and will make room

For another bee to fly by and not be misunderstood.

Strange how this blossom is so unreluctant to grap her  bee.

For fear of knowing and visioning what’s there to see.

At best it is not lost in friendship with a bee.

So all will be slow until this fear is not fear no more.


A Peek to the Sky May 9, 2007

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A royal chariot sits high in the sky.

Peering with its sparkling eye.

A light so majestic that people steal a glance

All people has asked at what chance

Do they have to be happy.

People have become somewhat moral sloppy.

Asking a wishful wish to be blessed.

Only a smile from the sky does people feel in their chest.

An attachment for royal and wealth.

People’s want for happiness become stealth.


Desire for Success

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As a being I have hunger for success.

Dear Lord, what route is best?

Working hard and spending much time.

Does not always bring that many dimes.

Is it desire for monetary and worldly success?

Or seeking other alternatives

And needing support from relatives.

Can it not be simple in producing money?

How much do I require to  become satisfied.

No answer/s in this venture classified.

What is there to do and acquire?

For me to accomplish my desire.

A story is told by the one who’s there.

Yet no true, quick answer to spare.

My hunger of desire for success.

Needs to be at the right time and place.

I must get this attitude in place.

What true desire of success is there.

If other for themselves do they care.

Desire for success is not just my dream.

Yet others as well who is a part of my team. 


Moments May 8, 2007

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Every moment comes, every moment goes.

Who or what is here to stay and be a pro.

One moment is a change in time.

Time and presence control the meaning of the moment.

Can a person have peace and polite comments.

From those who is present in the room.

Can the author or the audience find the moment of time that blooms.

Into something special and full of surprises

Moments are subject to change.

When it comes, it goes.

As if nothing is here to stay.

Dear Lord, bless this day.

And please control this moment in time.

Until we are filled with wealth of dimes.


The Ever Ending Thought

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It has been long while now

That loneliness is settled down like fallen snows

Someone out there is feeling the blow

Of loneliness but it cannot be done

Without a hyper person and fun

To undo the feeling of loneliness

Who then can really uplift the spirit of that someone

To calm her soul like the sun does to everyone

The light of hope has yet to come

Calming the calamity of loneliness of someone

Ever thinking now and then

Why not the soothing come, when?