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The Ever Ending Thought May 8, 2007

Filed under: Poem — virtuesis @ 7:44 pm

It has been long while now

That loneliness is settled down like fallen snows

Someone out there is feeling the blow

Of loneliness but it cannot be done

Without a hyper person and fun

To undo the feeling of loneliness

Who then can really uplift the spirit of that someone

To calm her soul like the sun does to everyone

The light of hope has yet to come

Calming the calamity of loneliness of someone

Ever thinking now and then

Why not the soothing come, when?


One Response to “The Ever Ending Thought”

  1. virtuesis Says:

    This poem is dedicated to all who is feeling lonely at times. This poem means that no one is alone feeling lonely. It is the calamity of each person who has feelings and emotions. Without emotions, there is meaningless to life. Emotions can be positive or negative. It is kind of like a force that creates the energy surrounding an individual. A person permits the exhibit of each emotion to be displayed to others as positive or negative.

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