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Desire for Success May 9, 2007

Filed under: Poem — virtuesis @ 8:21 pm

As a being I have hunger for success.

Dear Lord, what route is best?

Working hard and spending much time.

Does not always bring that many dimes.

Is it desire for monetary and worldly success?

Or seeking other alternatives

And needing support from relatives.

Can it not be simple in producing money?

How much do I require to  become satisfied.

No answer/s in this venture classified.

What is there to do and acquire?

For me to accomplish my desire.

A story is told by the one who’s there.

Yet no true, quick answer to spare.

My hunger of desire for success.

Needs to be at the right time and place.

I must get this attitude in place.

What true desire of success is there.

If other for themselves do they care.

Desire for success is not just my dream.

Yet others as well who is a part of my team. 


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