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A Blossom of Choice May 23, 2007

Filed under: Poem — virtuesis @ 8:51 pm

There was once a flower that blooms so openly.

So sophisticated and full of complexity.

No bee has figured the blossom out fully.

It blooms not for all bees, only one that sees.

The blossom apprehensively tried to open up its petals.

For one unique bee to enter and decide over its previous metals.

Yet a choice has to be made in the quick wind.

Either the wind will blow the blossom to some pieces

Or a bee will pollinate the golden seeds in other places.

So hard is it for a blossom to decide

A bee with great ability spies.

A gust of wind blew by and snap the blossom closed.

Until the next year of spring will this blossom sprout.

Another bee has to wait and see how this bloom will come out.

So silence is its bloom and therefore being less doom.

An unusual flower so patience and will make room

For another bee to fly by and not be misunderstood.

Strange how this blossom is so unreluctant to grap herĀ  bee.

For fear of knowing and visioning what’s there to see.

At best it is not lost in friendship with a bee.

So all will be slow until this fear is not fear no more.


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