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Fund Raiser Party June 12, 2007

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A formal party where all were invited.

To those who know about it.

Came all dressed up in nice attires.

My favorite was the blue dress in style.

So fitting, yet comfortable and elegant.

Bring attention upon the gents.

A beautiful evening

Brought upon me smiling.

A night so beautiful as mother nature permits.

So at awe and impress was I, I had to admit.

A flowing dance of beautiful people

So manly and yet civil.

An awesome night will end

And yet come again.


The Bird and the Flower June 11, 2007

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A flower has so long awaited for her bird.

A bird of paradise shows up in a few times

Searching for this magnificent nectar.

A nectar of life that brings this bird of paradise.

The waterfalls hinting the bird to this flower.

Joy in the bird’s eyes, he sees his flower.

In the distance he flies through the water.

Risking his flight to reach the flower.

Alas! this paradise bird finds his flower.

A dance of joy for his endeavor.


Camping Near the Bay

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Camping near the bay

A wonderous kind of joy

To my heart and perfected my day

I breathe in the fresh current air

Quietness as the day goes without compare.

The day here is the peace of itself.

Far away from the city stale.

Every breeze brings the moment of class.

A perfect class of peace and serenity.

Camping was an ever eternity

Near the bay

Surrounded by trees and stones

A camping in two days.


Lady on the Shore

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A lady in white shapely dress

Walks on the sandy shore

Below her is a picture of a man

This man has dark hair and a shapely gotee

He has his dark shirt on

Upon his face, he has a slight smile

His eyes glare up to the lady in white

Don’t know what he’s thinking

However, his expression was calm

And yet forever smiling.

In the near distance, a waterfall

Flowing freely and full of awe

An image of another man in suit

He is also smiling at this lady in white.

His eyes watch her every moves.

He is smiling too.

The lady in white walking mesmerized

Taking in every beauty of nature.

The water current flows close to her feet.

Comforting her soles

And the men comforting her soul.

She keeps walking and still quietness.

In her mind and heart

She will not know who’d call.

The man in the waterfall

Or the man below the sands.