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Lady on the Shore June 11, 2007

Filed under: Poem — virtuesis @ 8:01 pm

A lady in white shapely dress

Walks on the sandy shore

Below her is a picture of a man

This man has dark hair and a shapely gotee

He has his dark shirt on

Upon his face, he has a slight smile

His eyes glare up to the lady in white

Don’t know what he’s thinking

However, his expression was calm

And yet forever smiling.

In the near distance, a waterfall

Flowing freely and full of awe

An image of another man in suit

He is also smiling at this lady in white.

His eyes watch her every moves.

He is smiling too.

The lady in white walking mesmerized

Taking in every beauty of nature.

The water current flows close to her feet.

Comforting her soles

And the men comforting her soul.

She keeps walking and still quietness.

In her mind and heart

She will not know who’d call.

The man in the waterfall

Or the man below the sands.


2 Responses to “Lady on the Shore”

  1. Don Says:

    wow these are very good poems. I haven’t read them all, got down to the woman and the mysterious men she saw during her strode in nature, i felt compel to comment on this one. So beautiful.

  2. spunky Says:

    Yes, this poem is based off my experience at the camp of what my eyes saw on the pole.

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