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Sweet Darling T-Rex August 30, 2007

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A T-Rex large at heart as its size

Yet gentle and caring as I realized.

So sweet is his flare

I almost want to dare.

Seeing and feeling him up close.

Making me wanting another dose.

I learned that size can be misunderstood.

And wisdom can also be heard.

T-Rex is his name

And he said that he plays no game.

Affection is his true cries.

He caught me by no surprise.

Trustworthy and powerfully strong.

I think this passion is not wrong.

Sweet darling T-Rex,

Is my soul intellect.


A Lion Chase

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A wild morning dream

A vision where I screamed.

A lion chase ever tiringly

Did not give up his chase

I tried to get away surprisingly.

A lion’s puss caught my arm

I tried to remove with alarm.

With luck his legs slipped

And let go, I flipped

Escaping his hold.

I was forever told

How lucky I was to be

Out of reach of the lion’s puss.

I woke up with an awe.


Honest Relationship August 24, 2007

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A relationship is so complex.

The one that requires the desired effect,

A man honest to his woman

As his woman to him

Together the build up of destine.

They both find each other fine.

So flashy hot as their relationship.

When fire flares with passion pair

The heat is cooled down in mid air.

An honest relationship is forever longer.

Require understanding and loving stronger.



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A feeling coming strong from a man

He knows that girl from afar

Felt like he knows her forever.

How emotions can be stronger,

Each day speaking with her.

He is upright in his speech

Adored her words as she speaks.

A heart so refined he desires to keep

In his mind and heart he spins.

He pursues so hard to win.



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A place where least expected

A wedding reception was splendid.

The most fullest happiness.

A friend found her darling.

Friends of friend create a sparkling

Space where another friend found each other.

Was all a splendor plan from Aunter.

A match where both was a gift

Turn to be the precious match.

A feeling of both a lift.

Affection for one another.

Special, yet a sharing of wonder.