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A Mirror in the Hall May 6, 2008

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There is a mirror on the wall

It is laid out in the large hall

Each glance a virtue person

See her magnificent.

Her shadow in the reflection of the mirror,

Lightens up my spirit as I walk by.

Going to bed, I vision of her.

Such a spirit and touches my heart.

Light, gentle, and powerfully sweet

Like the full blossoms in my cart.

Her reflection is the only companion

That keeps me waking up with no separation.

I’m up as a one and sleep as one.

Her shadow of grace will not be undone.


Duel Color Rose

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Roses are red,

but it is also pink,

I didn’t know that it can be,

so that made me think,

I appreciate the duel colors in such a velvety flower,

and much more of it’s meaning,

now it is two meanings,

red for the feeling of love,

and pink the color of grace and caring