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Platinum Mind October 20, 2009

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A mind of steel

Can be so real.

Metal of platinum

Is a precious gem.

A child is blessed

With such mind

Is always one of a kind.

She can withstand anything

In her new surrounding.

Be strong is her mind

So she overcome the bind.

Of confusion and lack of mindedness

Her battle is every child’s battle

Trying to balance out

The correctedness of living

In a vulnerable stage of growing.

Her platinum mind has overcome

Her surrounding of true living.


Beauty in the Sun Rise October 5, 2009

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I vision many beauty among the sun rays.

It is flashing vivid colors over the bay.

The magnificent rainbow colors are there.

However, only the two colors are shown to bear.

The beautiful orange and pink hue lighted in the sky.

So magnificent are its tone and texture so high.

From this wonderful colors come the images of…

The two celestrial beings are to be borne on…

To the the anticipated virtueous parents…

Who have been awaiting for their chances.

The sun rise is the promise of the two babes.

To be blessed for the coming years.

To the patiently awaited proud adults.

Where a two perfect beings come into the world with no faults.


Harmonie Meansopeap October 2, 2009

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A name that has so many meanings in one.

So earnestly thought out and through.

A soul deep finding from me was done.

A eureka, lightning bolt brainy find.

Meaning so great and grind.

Harmonie- the meaning of peace and symmetry.

So beautiful the meaning in American term.

Meansopeap the meaning of prosperous and well-breed.

So beautiful in creation from Cambodian word.

The name both in combination,

Lure in the ears of one who sought her reincarnation.

So true the name- Harmonie Mean Sopeap.

Came into the exact translation,

(Agreeable symmetrical of one with wealth and proper manner).

That name is to be given to the futurer.